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goals and objectives

To pull it off, run a survey before your conference and ask for the attendee’s specific interests, e.g. Use the answers to create a tailor-made list for each attendee. Have you ever seen people throwing a colorful cube at a conference?


You can use the badge’s ability to light up in different colors to deliver myriad attendee experiences and entertain the crowd while you’re at it. Curate experiences that will stick with your attendees long after the event ends. Get to know your participants and what experiences resonate so you can plan your corporate entertainment around that. Communication, however casual, is an important part of establishing employee culture. This is exactly why Zapier uses a dedicated Slack channel to connect remote and onsite team members.

Virtual Beach Staycation

Social media is a great way to promote your event and get more people involved. Create a hashtag for your event and encourage your guests to post photos and use the hashtag. You can also use it as a platform to keep everyone updated on the latest news and information. For instance, you can set upa virtual wine tasting experience, whereby you ship exceptional wines to your guests and taste them together. Little impacts a tunnel installation as much as infinity mirrors do. Placed on either side of the structure, their boundless effect creates a sense of grandeur and space that truly transports guests into an otherworldly experience.


The outer circle can contribute if they have an How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021 but it’s an interesting way to include introverts and extroverts in planning and activities. Use innovation to create moments that your attendees will want to share. By giving them something they have never seen before, you’ll be giving them a unique and memorable experience. Add a booth that can offer free helpful services that guests can’t always access. For example, a free baby car seat check, oil test or tire pressure which can be an excellent sponsorship idea for public events.

Benefits of Choosing A Banquet Hall With Halal Catering

You can customize the photo background and all outputs with your event branding. The outcome can be instantly shared on social media, bringing your conference maximum exposure. All in all, conference booths are a valuable marketing tool that can help you achieve your business goals. They’re a fun way to promote your organization and get people interested in what you have to offer. Not only will attendees love getting to meet and play with the puppies, but events like these can really help you generate leads and build relationships with potential customers. When you try to communicate too much at once, you run the risk of confusing people.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of310 incredible team building icebreaker questions. For even more ideas, check out our list of scavenger hunt team building activity ideas for workgroups. We are Northern Colorado’s Top Rated Private Party Chef!

Modern Conference Venues

They then take turns suggesting ways they can help or provide resources that could improve each of the five areas for one another. This practice helps provide an element of emotional safety at work and can easily be duplicated at any company. I’ve heard of the cooking class, but not the photography class and farm tour ideas.

  • While this may feel like a daunting list, we’ve created a step-by-step breakdown of each element and everything you need to know to get started.
  • Invite two experts who present opposing arguments on a polarizing topic and a facilitator.
  • Projection mapping takes the physical features and contours of your space and turns them into a display surface for video content.
  • And if you’re using them outdoors for your ceremony or photo shoot, the cold sparks will really add an extra touch of magic.

See if you can find a local venue with a stage, or rent a platform and have your event outdoors. This company outing is easy on employees, but the frequent laughter makes it energizing and interactive. Take a break from baseball games and support local artists by checking out a community theater or musical production.

A comedian can provide much-needed comic relief to your event, making the atmosphere feel more friendly and relaxed. Nonetheless, entertainment breaks need to compliment your event programming. Keep your overarching event objectives in mind, and consider whether the entertainment fits your event brand. Dangling gold leaves hung whimsically through Crystal Ottoman chandeliers held by Bordeaux fabric from the ceilings. We’ll work our hardest so that your most challenging goals are met, every time. Our team of professional installers can transform any room from bland to grand.

  • Zoo Atlanta offers aspecial birthday party packageand plenty of entertainment options that are sure to fit your style.
  • It’s time to think outside the box and create an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and promotes engagement.
  • A new popular trend is to take paddleboards or small boats out and collect litter from waterways to keep them clean and be sustainable.
  • Interactive Floor Plans Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue.

If the event journey can start by providing transport and accommodation to the guest too this can elevate the VIP feeling. To make an event really extra special you need to think about every single touchpoint of the attendee journey. Turn a lengthy event into productive fun with a hackathon, designathonor any other -athonyou can think of! You can adapt these to your industry and they are more intense than a roundtable or breakaway and everyone focuses on working together to achieve a common goal.

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