Mr. Rakesh Bhardwaj

M.A., B.Ed.

“ Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself” The development of a child is highly influenced by three factors. First, Parents and home environment, second curriculum and third mentor and the educational environment. Development would be incomplete in the absence of any one factor. Achild’s development can only be achieved by providing ideal condition with liberal and progressive attitude of parents and teachers for enriching the young minds with deep rooted values. Hance these three factors need to be synergistically bonded to bring about complete and proper development of child. The teaching methodology at SSSS of Education is so designed to ensure that this synergy is best reached. A decent education is a passport to a good, comfortable and secured life. It enables youngsters to become contributing members of society through knowledge, skills and character development. To achieve this, the management has provided all infrastructure facilities required for quality education. The institution has spacious classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, computer lab and activity halls. It has one computer centers having 20 systems in network along with internet facilities. Library transactions are computerized and it is stacked with the latest edition of books, magazines and journals. Along with sports, other co-curricular and extracurricular activities, short-term and value added courses are to be imparted to the students during the period of vacation. SSSS will, no doubt, blossom into an institution par excellence and working efficiently to achieve proficiency in education. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Principal