1. Every student must bring the diary daily to the school, duly signed by the parent.
2. Students must wear the school uniform daily and must come to the school dressed with nails and hair, properly trimmed.
3. No student will damaged any school property or write anything on the walls, furniture. Defaulters will be fined and cost recovered from them.
4. Landing or borrowing money is strictly prohibited.
5. Students are not allowed to use school Telephone without Principal’s permission.
6. Students reaching late will be sent back home.
7. If any parent wishes to withdraw the child from the school, one month’s notice in writing must be given.
8. School leaving certificate and progress report will not be issued unless all the dues are cleared.
9. The school shall not to be held responsible for the loss or personal belongings. It is advisable for students not to bring valuable to the school.
10. Running and shouting in the school premises is not allowed. While using staircases and corridors, all students must keep to the left. Loitering in the lobby and the office areas is strictly forbidden even during the recess.
11. Students are strictly forbidden from purchasing eatables from unauthorised vendors/hawkers near the school premises.
12. Bus monitors and teacher escorts are responsible for orderly behaviour in the bus. They must ensure that only those students who hold a valid bus pass are travelling in the bus. Any unruly and in disciplined behaviour will result in expulsion from the bus facility.
13. Use of foul and unparliamentary language is a punishable offence.
14. Half day is not allowed for students.